I’m back!

You didn’t know it, but this blog was down for about two weeks. By my count, exactly four people knew about this turn of events, and that number includes me, the person who I kept badgering to fix it, Abin from Tech Support, and the person who ultimately fixed it. Not even my mom knew, and that was a little bit hurtful because I had always counted on her to be my number-one fan. But a conversation on the topic of this blog about a week ago revealed that I had been misled:

Me: My blog is down.

Mom: What blog? You have a blog?

Me: Yes?

Mom: I didn’t know about it.

Me: But. You’ve read things on it.

Mom: I didn’t know about it.

So to the people who are not my mother and offered up their tech knowledge and/or emotional support during this troubling time, I thank you.


  1. This made me lol. Your conversation with your mom totally reminds me of ones I’ve had with my own mom. And I always thought it was because she’s an immigrant parent…

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