Life in Las Vegas, vol. 2


Since my last post, a few notable things have happened:

1. I successfully removed a gel manicure at home for the first time ever. My nails are now ugly but can finally breathe for the first time in a long time.

2. I got sick for the first time in about three years, maybe more. I took Theraflu, Emergen-C, Tylenol, Advil, and lemon tea, but I think the thing that finally did the trick was the black caraway seeds, which is an ancient remedy that was found in King Tut’s tomb, thereby suggesting its healing power. (Not my idea, but it seemed like a harmless thing to ingest seeds.) {EDIT: Relapsed after sitting in a smoky bar last night for two hours; waiting for second dose of seeds to take effect.}

3. I finished reading a book. <moonwalks away>

4. I successfully walked my dad through the process of single-spacing a business letter. Pret-ty snazzy.

5. I updated the “plug ins” (don’t know what they are, tbh) on this blog, and for about 27 minutes the background was a picture of a strange blonde woman in reflective aviator sunglasses. I asked my husband for help, and he stared at the screen, squinting with confusion, and then asked, “Where’d you get those glasses?” (For the record, I fixed the problem myself in true Rosie the Riveter fashion. I hope he reads this and realizes how self-sufficient I am.)

6. I decided I’ll try to write more in here, even if it’s not in essay form. No one reads this anyway, so who cares? Maybe I’ll even include pictures. For instance, here’s a photo I took of a Kevin Can Wait billboard in Hollywood. This is the type of stuff I have saved on my phone.

(Also, lest you think I’m some snob who goes to California all the time, allow me to clarify that this was taken last year during my birthday trip to Universal Studios. Also, I do not watch this show.)

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