Once again, a plan for a blog post has been foiled. I had an idea, started writing down thoughts related to the idea, wrote my first paragraph, and revised the first paragraph several times–and then I didn’t turn on my computer for three days. Now that I have, what I want to say is completely different from what I originally thought I wanted to say.

Here’s what I thought I wanted to say, summed up in only a few words to make it sound as simplistic and uninteresting as possible, which it probably was: Money (or to be more precise, the painful lack of it) is oppressive, but I should stop whining about it because the truth is that I’ll be alright and there’s too many people in this world who can’t say that. Sounds boring, right? Right.

So here’s what I want to say now: The movie Frozen let me see the world through the eyes of my child self for a couple hours and think in cliches, and it made things seem a little better than they were before. It was also the first movie I saw with my mom in a long, long time, and that’s just a nice thing. So I guess where I’m going with this is that I’m thankful for things like that–nice moments and fairy tales that put things in perspective for a little while. I realize I’m probably giving Disney undue credit here, because it’s really Hans Christian Andersen’s story, and I could have just read the story for free instead of giving a corporation my money to feel feelings that some may say are illusory. Fine, I get it. But I also think that’s a very cranky worldview, and if Thanksgiving means anything at all anymore besides doorbusters and binge-eating and listing your personal blessings via Facebook status, it’s that if we’ve got at least one or two good reasons to not be cranky, then maybe let’s try not to be.

I’m also the last person who should be saying any of this. I also acknowledge that I’m basing my statements on naive logic. I also can’t tell if I sound preachy or judgy. I also know deep down that I probably do, and I feel bad about that because all I really wanted to say is that Frozen is a good movie.

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